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Did you know that we are always searching for new talents?

If you love teaching and have a certificate in English send us your CV and we will contact you. We love to have young language enthusiasts or silver experience.


What we expect to see in you CV...


Name and Contact Information

 The first thing to include in your curriculum vitae (CV) is your name. Let's clarify that only your first name and surname are required. Please add an updated photograph.

Personal Profile

The next section of your CV is your profile. Whilst this section goes by many names in the recruitment industry, such as personal profile, professional profile, and personal statement, it has one main purpose. 

Core competencies

If you have a selection of skills and qualifications that make you a great fit for the role, you should introduce a Core Competencies section to make them stand out.

Employment history / Work Experience

Another key component to include in your CV is your employment history. This section details your positions of employment in reverse-chronological order ‒ so your most recent role is at the beginning. 


Like your work experience section, your education must be listed in reverse-chronological order. Places where you actively were functioning as a teacher MUST be added, language skills will be proven at the interview.

Hobbies and interests

You can introduce a Hobbies and Interests section to your CV if you feel it will boost your candidacy in some way.

 It will be very much appreciated an application letter describing why would you love working with us

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