New England Language Academy

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Our Leadership

Equipo de la empresa

Carlos Reyes, Founder/CEO

Carlos Reyes, driven by a vision to serve as a catalyst for the promotion of Latin American culture and the facilitation of language connections, founded NELA. He studied at the Canadian Forces Language School, refining his linguistic capabilities. This educational experience played a pivotal role in the establishment of NELA—an academy devoted to assisting individuals in honing their Spanish and English language skills to achieve their aspirations. In 2016, he made a strategic career shift, redirecting from a promising role as an Army Officer. Drawing upon over 15 years of teaching diverse subjects, Carlos's journey is enriched by his experience as a UN blue helmet and residency in the United States.  

Equipo de la empresa

Carlos Magallanes, COO

Carlos Magallanes, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), brings over a decade of extensive teaching experience and a robust educational background in commerce, strategy, business, and administration. Holding a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), Carlos is a valuable addition to our team, contributing to NELA's global growth and outreach to students worldwide. With a commitment to education, both Carlos Reyes and Magallanes actively engage in teaching, ensuring a direct and personal connection with our most crucial assets – our students. As COO, Carlos Magallanes leverages his strategic insights and managerial skills to play a pivotal role in the company's operations.